Texas Dog Commission

Texas Dog Coalition

The Advocate for Dogs & Their Owners ©

Mission:  Support fair and equal laws for all dogs and their owners.

  • Fight against any and all forms of breed-specific legislation at the state and local levels that discriminate against dogs.
  • Promote education on responsible dog ownership through seminars, at local events and in conjunction with animal services.
  • Promote voluntary spay-neuter initiatives at low cost or no cost so that anyone who would like his or her pet altered can do so.
  • Promote the positive no-kill initiatives based on the philosophy of Nathan Winograd (author of Redemption) at local animal services and shelters so that the catch and kill practices will be abolished in favor of saving and adopting all healthy animals.
  • Collaborate with local animal services so that more dogs can be adopted which lowers the euthanasia rate.
  • Support local animal services to engender a positive relationship with them in an effort to help get more animals adopted and to advocate for proper staffing and funding.
  • Promote education about the various breeds of dogs so that new owners can select the best dog for them and their families.
  • Support fun activities for dogs and their owners to enjoy together.
  • Support laws promoting dog parks, dog-friendly restaurant patios and any other laws that help integrate dogs in our daily life.