Texas Legislature on the Move: Breeder Bill Passes & More.

Monday Evening, May 23, 2011.
HB 1451. Well, the Senators have been busy. This is a quick update on the latest news from Austin. Earlier this evening (May 23, 2011), the Senate voted on HB 1451 and it passed 22-9. However, there were some amendments added to it this evening but not many. There is an amendment that to trigger the application of this law, the breeder must sell 20 puppies per year in addition to having 11 intact females. There is another amendment removing the requirement that euthanasia be done by a veterinarian but it is unclear if this applies to puppies and adults, or just puppies. The text of the amendments is not currently available.

These amendments are in addition to the one on May 19, 2011 exempting breeders of certain hunting and field trial dogs. Have you heard of a hunting Chihuahua? Any dog can hunt but not sure if that dog will hunt!

This bill will go back to the House since it was amended but that should be no impediment to it. Governor Rick Perry will sign the bill in all likelihood making it the law of Texas. The Act will be effective immediately (after signing by Perry) since it received in excess of a 2/3 in both houses, but a breeder will not have to get a license or comply with the law until September 1, 2012.

Other Bills on the Move. Additionally, HB 963 (Cruelty Seizures), HB 1768 (Roadside Vendors) and HB 1103 (Criminal Animal Cruelty Penalties) were placed on the intent calendar of the Senate for May 24, 2011. HB 1103 (Criminal Animal Cruelty Penalties) provided that if a person convicted of animal cruelty were given community supervision, then he or she would have to attend an animal ownership course. On Friday, May 20, 2011, SB 779 (Criminal Cruelty Registry) was tacked on HB 1103. SB 779 provides that anyone convicted of or who receives deferred adjudication for animal cruelty will be put in a database that will be made public much like the one for sex offenders.

There is one more week left, so stay tuned. The 2011 Legislative Session concludes on Monday, May 30, 2011.

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